San Po Kong is a small sub-district in Kowloon, Hong Kong which is well known for its dense factory buildings. It is also characterized by a matrix of streets named with lucky numbers  (大有街, 雙喜街, 三祝街, 四美街, 五芳街, 六合街, 七寶街, 八達街).

San Po Kong is one of the founding districts when Hong Kong started her industrial development in the 60s and 70s. In 1967 San Po Kong was also the cradle of one of the most remarkable social movement in time which rooted from the dispute between factory owners and the deprived labors. The social movement ultimately became a massive riot spread all over Hong Kong.

Nowadays most of San Po Kong’s factory buildings were turned into offices and warehouses. Some factory units, owing to their high ceilings and large floor areas, are even transformed into culture activities centers and mini-theatres.

San Po Kong is in fact my work place and I am there almost every weekday. These lomo pictures was taken on a day off from work, when I just went back to office to pick up my another camera for outing. Same route, different frame of mind.