The duality photo concept came to my mind long ago and I thought I should give it a try someday. This November I decided to have a 2-day trip to Guangzhou entirely for taking pictures, just to keep a promise to myself.

Having took with me a Nikon FM, an Exa 1a and a few rolls of B/W and color films, I tried to capture the vague duality concept in various facets like color vs B/W (the easiest one, of course), day vs night, xiaokang vs grassroots, modern lifestyle vs traditional values etc.

I had, however, no concrete shooting plan in mind in order to avoid making things too purposive.  Exploring, walking, transporting, eating, sight seeing and of course, pictures taking make that 2-day solo trip quite a meaningful one.

These photos were taken with a Nikon FM with 35-70mm AIS lens and an Exa 1a with Meyer-Optik  Domiplan 50mm lens.