These photos were taken at the walk path next to Ma On Shan Bypass.

In the section near Lee On Estate there is a mysterious hut which seems to be part of Ma On Shan water treatment system. Its exterior was well conquered by plants and mosses as if it has been abandoned for long. On the other hand, water keeps running out from a tap-like structure near the roof of this hut, which possibly means this “ruin” is still working somehow.

Ruin has its own beauty and so does this one. I took these pictures with a Nikon F and a 135mm non-ai lens. The film I used was Kodak Elite Chrome 100 slide film, the last roll in my stock. Because of the shading and the low ISO of the film, I needed to keep the aperture wide opened at f2 to barely meet the required exposure. It rendered some of the shots perfectly out of focus.  The remaining ones, however, are quite impressive and are able to compose an interesting visual story of a ruin.