These photos were taken on 29-Sep-2014, right after my visit to Admiralty in the early afternoon.

Mongkok was another depot incidentally set up to support the Umbrella Movement. I visited there in the late afternoon for this documentary shooting. The anarchy atmosphere, the hard lighting from the setting sun and the roll of unnamed China black-and-white film were just working perfectly together to capture another side of the movement with a very different mood.

In Mongkok, there were less students, more people in their middle age or above, and aggressive protesters who made a clear gesture challenging public order. Adding to these crowds were paralyzed buses, cars and trucks which got stuck in the middle of Nathan Road, leaving other main roads near Mongkok entirely vehicle-free.

There were police officers here and there, but they were simply doing nothing, entirely nothing even some aggressive protesters challenged them by yelling at them closely and loudly.

A special remark about the film I used – I bought the film from Taobao in which the seller claimed that this China-made cheap film are of exceptional quality comparable to the European big names who still exist. Its ISO was claimed to be 100 and I just treated it like a roll of Fujifilm Acros 100 (Personally, I like a little bit of overexposure while using B/W film and “normal” metering). Surprising the quality is not bad at all.