Kodak Elite Chrome 100 is an amazing color slide film which gives exceptional color contrast and sharpness while processed normally. It’s also by far the top choice for cross processing amongst Lomography enthusiasts.

In fact Elite Chrome is often said to be the offspring of the legendary movie-film EktaChrome and it truly carries the dramatic movie-mood for the photos it produced.

Sadly, very sadly, Kodak announced that Elite Chrome was discontinued in March-2012. At this moment you still can find Elite Chrome from certain niche-market camera shops but the price is already jetted up by more than double. Elite Chrome 100 expiring in Feb-2013 was found to cost HK$150/roll in a camera shop in Sim City in Mongkok and on ebay you can still find some slightly expired or close-to-expire stock from US$10 to US$30 per roll.

As an alternative, you may consider Velvia from Fuji, the born-to-be-lomo reversal film from Lomography, or some self-reeled EktaChrome you can still find on eBay or Taobao.

Sad but true, digital photography will ultimately make analogue films extinct from the market. I’m still keeping with me two rolls of Elite Chrome, and I will surely keep one of them intact for the rest of my life.

The follow album was taken with Kodak Elite Chrome 100 using cross processing:

Lok Wo Sha Lok Wo Sha