Minolta XG-M was a remarkable SLR camera in Minolta’s history.

Launched in 1981, it was the last model of the XG series, yet it was also the one that pioneered the signature shape of the later X series. XG-M was also the very first camera featuring the “new” Minolta logo which the company used until its merge with Konica in year 2003.

Upon a closer look, though beared the “XG” name, XG-M was quite different from its elder brothers: It came with a new main on-off switch placed beneath the shutter speed dial. The lock button for the shutter speed dial also functioned as a battery check. The front LED served both as a battery and a self-timer indicator. Film speed and exposure compensation settings were also moved to beneath the rewind knob.

Another ground-breaking feature of XG-M was the capability to couple with a high-speed motor film winder which enabled it to shoot automatically at as fast as 3.5 frame per second (i.e. literally you can finish a whole new roll of films within 10 sec, funny, huh?). Hm…I’m not that into it anyway.

The following album was taken with my XG-M:

Jonker Street Jonker Street & Sam Poh Well
Melaka Melaka River & Dutch Square