Yashica Electro 35 GSN is a rangefinder camera dated back in as early as 1966. According to an online serial number check, mine should be manufactured in 1970-71.

Rangefinder cameras use a special method for focusing. There’s translucent yellow spot in the centre of the viewfinder and you’ll see two “ghost images” of the main object inside this yellow area. While adjusting the focusing ring till the two images perfectly overlap, it’s said to be in focus.

For a camera of over 40 years old, thank god its metering system is still working fine. The 1.7 aperture make it a good and versatile camera too, although the lens is fixed at 45mm only.

The only trouble with this camera is battery, since the good-old-day mercury cell is no longer in production. The workaround is to combine a few existing batteries with the right sizes and voltages to make them work for this old camera. I’m so lucky that when I bought this camera from an old camera shop, it came with a thin and smart plastic tube which makes a few apparently irrelevant batteries work seamlessly together to power it up.

The following album was taken with my Yashica GSN:

Stanley Stanley Market