Lomography Earl Grey 100 is a black and white film mainly for Lomo hobbyists. I didn’t expect it to be of great quality as literally it’s not manufactured by a reputable film maker. I gave it a try earlier this year because of its attractive price as compared to Ilford and Fuji Acros, which are also my favorite B/W films.

The actual quality of Earl Grey 100, however, is impressive. It gives good contrast as well as good resolution for different shades of grey in between. The film grain is pretty obvious sometimes but it’s ok to me. I love film grain.

The quality differences between Earl Grey 100, Ilford Fp4 (ASA 120) and Fujifilm Acros 100 are very marginal to me. It’s worthwhile to stock up a small quantity of the Lomo’s one for your inspiration needs from time to time.

The follow album was taken with Lomography Earl Grey 100:

Ma On Shan Promenade Ma On Shan Promenade