Lomography X-Pro 200 is a slide film I love very much. It’s also a good, if not perfect, substitute to the discontinued Kodak Elite Chrome 100.

X-Pro 200 reproduces almost the same unexpected old-color-movie tone while cross processed. It has a slightly higher ISO and thus works even better that Elite Chrome 100 in shaded or indoor environments.

I’m not that into plastic cameras so I use X-pro 200 with my favorite SLRs usually. A tip has it that in outdoor environments, it’s easier to generate a greenish tone if you reduce the exposure slightly (-0.5  to -1 ev) from the metering value. It’s very experimental and there are more to explore with this interesting slide film.

The follow photos were taken with Lomography X-Pro 200:

Hong Kong Park Hong Kong Park
Ap Liu Street The Amazing Ap Liu Street