These photos were taken on 29-Sep-2014, the day after the police used tear-gas to disperse the protesting crowd in Admiralty.

Since umbrellas were used by some protesters to shield the pepper spray from the police and some of them did use umbrellas as weapons in front of the police, foreign press officially uses “Umbrella Revolution” (a.k.a. Umbrella Movement) to describe this social movement.

After the night of repression, a lot of people went to Admiralty and gathered again to support the protesting students and to peacefully express their discontentment towards the police’s action and their demand for ‘true democracy’.

I’m not in a position to judge who were right and who were wrong. History in the future will do. However, the massive supporting crowd in Admiralty looked very different from the violence scene happened some twenty hours ago. People were helping each other with a true heart, a localized “public order” was quickly established and well obeyed by everybody. What came into the lens was as surreal as a utopia documentary.

These photos were shot with a Canon EOS5 equipped with Fujifilm Superia 200 film.